Support the rail industry with a career in human resources, finance, sales, and more.

Technical trainer

Technical trainers prepare and deliver training courses to help workers learn new skills. They pass on their specialised knowledge and experience to new generations of rail workers.


A salesperson sells products or services for their organisation. They identify and engage with potential customers, and manage relationships with existing customers.

Human resources

Human resources (HR) managers take care of employees in an organisation. They hire new staff, manage payroll, update policies, maintain employee records, and investigate employee issues.

Investor relations

Investor relations managers act as a portal between their organisation and its investors. They communicate information and ideas, and analyse trends to support business decision making.


A corporate lawyer provides legal advice to their organisation. They interpret laws and regulations, develop contracts, and represent their organisation in any legal matters.


Marketing managers develop and manage campaigns that promote their organisation’s products and services.

Employee relations

Employee relations managers help their organisation maintain positive relationships with employees.

Financial analyst

A financial analyst compiles and analyses data to help inform business planning and decision making.

Government relations

Government relations advisors develop and coordinate strategies to shape public policy. Their aim is to gain support for outcomes that align with their organisation’s goals.


Accountants analyse, interpret, and report on their organisation’s finances. They combine skills in math, accounting, law, and economics to help their organisation achieve its financial goals and maintain compliance.


Administrators provide support to an office or team. They perform a variety of clerical duties to keep everything running smoothly.

Business development

A business development manager helps their organisation grow by finding new clients and maintaining relationships with existing clients.


People who work in communications help their organisation deliver clear and engaging messages to internal and external stakeholders.

Community engagement

Community engagement officers plan, develop, and implement programs that promote community awareness. They engage with people in the community on behalf of their organisation.


Contracts officers prepare and administer agreements between their organisation and its suppliers. They negotiate terms, and make sure all contracts comply with laws and protect the interests of their organisation.