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Are you a teacher, principal, or career advisor helping young people with their career journey? This website will help you learn about career pathways into the rail industry.

Are you a teacher, principal, or career advisor helping young people with their career journey?

This website will help you learn about career pathways into the rail industry. We also have a job matching tool for career suggestions, plus other practical resources.

Benefits of a career in rail

A rewarding career

There is a lifetime of professional challenges on offer in the rail industry. Our talented people solve complex problems everyday as they adopt (and pioneer) innovations using:

  • automation
  • internet-of-things (IoT)
  • machine learning
  • virtual reality

The skills a person gains are highly valued by employers in our industry. They are often easily transferrable to other industries.

A progressive and inclusive culture

Our industry thrives on diverse perspectives and fresh ideas. Every year more women choose a career in rail to be part of building a more connected and sustainable future.

We’re also on the hunt for the next generation of leaders. Creative ideas put forward by young workers may lead to the next innovation in rail.

A career full of variety

There are lots of different occupations in rail. Young people can get started in our industry with no prior experience or specialised qualifications.

Many organisations have entry level positions that include training. Or, students can complete an apprenticeship or university degree to launch their career.

Rail offers countless innovative projects to get involved in, and helps people build skills for life.

A vital and sustainable industry

Rail is the safest, most efficient form of land transport. It eases congestion on our roads, reduces emissions, and connects people everywhere.

People who work in rail contribute to the livelihood of communities. They become part of a legacy that has supported Australia and New Zealand since the 1800s. They’re also at the forefront of efforts to be more sustainable as we move towards net-zero in 2050.

You look out for each other. You trust the person beside you.

Matt, Signal electrician

Useful links

Rail Academy Careers in Rail

Rail Academy offers more resources for career advisers. They also host school engagement programs, STEM workshops, and events. Rail Academy is in Victoria.

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National Rail Skills Hub

The National Rail Skills Hub has extensive information about pathways to a rail career.

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John Holland virtual internship

This free virtual internship gives you the chance to work across John Holland’s infrastructure, building and rail businesses.

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Electrical technician virtual work experience

Set yourself up with an electrifying skill set and gain a taste of what it’s like to work alongside chief electrical specialists.

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Digital engineer virtual work experience

Discover how digital engineering and technology are shaping the future of infrastructure.

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Environmental planner virtual work experience

Help preserve Australia’s ecosystems with skills in ecology, cultural preservation and infrastructure project management.

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Civil construction virtual work experience

Start building your career in civil engineering and construction.

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Sustainability consultant virtual work experience

Discover how to protect the environment through marketing and communications – and make a career out of it.

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Systems and signals virtual work experience

Discover the hidden networks of the transport industry.

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Project management virtual work experience

Understand the importance of project management and how to apply it to advance your career

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Negotiation skills virtual work experience

Learn the importance of negotiation in the workplace and how to apply it to start your career.

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