Operations and facilities management

Help keep our rail networks efficient and safe.

Timetable planner

Timetable planners make sure trains follow the right paths at the right times. They make sure passengers and freight arrive at their destinations safely and on time.


Cleaners maintain a clean and hygienic environment for rail passengers and staff. They use manual and powered equipment to wash and disinfect surfaces, remove litter, stains and graffiti.

Track inspector

A track inspector inspects sections of the rail network to ensure it’s safe and maintained. They complete patrols on foot and by rail vehicle.

Train controller

Train controllers plan and control daily train schedules. They oversee the safe movement of trains using computerised train control signalling systems.

Train driver

Train drivers move trains that carry passengers or freight. They drive trains along a rail network, use communication systems, and respond to signalling to safely reach their destination.

Tram driver

Tram drivers move trams through urban networks. They navigate trams along busy roads while watching for pedestrians and other vehicles crossing their path. They get passengers safely to their destination.

Revenue protection officer

Revenue protection officers perform ticket checks and issue infringements on passenger rail services. They support the safety and security of passengers.

Security officer

A security officer ensures the safety and security of people and property. They manage crowds, guard entrances, and conduct patrols. They keep an eye out for people who are doing dangerous, illegal, or anti-social activities.

Guard (Conductor)

Guards help customers plan their journey, and make sure they travel safely and comfortably to their destination. As a guard, you’ll assist customers on board train services.

Customer service

Customer work at the front line of an organisation and may assist people in person, over the phone, or through email or online chat to give the travelling public advice on rail services or sell ticket.