Guard (Conductor)

Guards help customers plan their journey, and make sure they travel safely and comfortably to their destination. As a guard, you’ll assist customers on board train services.
Also known as: Train guard, Train conductor

Is this role right for you?

As a guard, you’ll be an excellent communicator and enjoy solving problems. You’ll have strong time management skills and close attention to detail to make sure services operate safely. As the “face” of the rail operator, and perhaps the only staff member a customer sees during their journey, it’s important to be visible and approachable. In unexpected situations, you’ll be able to think and act quickly and communicate with drivers and emergency services.

What are some example projects or experiences?

Guards are a valuable part of the rail network and help make sure passengers have a comfortable, safe journey. As part of their role they may check tickets, answer questions, make train announcements, and stay alert for any issues. Guards work as part of a team and see themselves as the conduit between passengers and our rail network. They often work alongside train and tram drivers and assist passengers in an emergency. On some rail networks, guards also check trains to identify faults or failures. If faults are found they follow procedures to report or rectify them.

What is the work environment like?

A guard spends most of their time moving around the train and talking to passengers. They’re generally employed by regional or long-haul customer rail operators. They may be required to work shifts, including weekends and public holidays. Overnight stays are sometimes required.

Eligibility & pathways

To work as a guard, you usually don’t need any formal qualifications. But a Certificate in Customer Service, Retail or Hospitality can help you develop useful skills for the role. Some employers will help you complete a Certificate III Rail Customer Service. Our industry values diverse personal and work experience. Many employers can provide you with opportunities to gain new qualifications and industry experience to help you succeed.

Avenues of Entry
Pay Range
Entry level
$86,500 - $104,000

Salaries may vary outside of these ranges, based on company size and location, level of experience, competence and time in role.