Tram driver

Tram drivers move trams through urban networks. They navigate trams along busy roads while watching for pedestrians and other vehicles crossing their path. They get passengers safely to their destination.
Also known as: Train driver, Tram operator, Light rail driver, Light rail operator

Is this role right for you?

You’ll need to be punctual and reliable, and have excellent concentration and attention to detail. You’ll often work alone, and must adapt to changing situations and react quickly in an emergency. You’ll also be a great communicator, and able to accurately and clearly convey important information to passengers and network controllers.

What are some example projects or experiences?

Tram drivers transport passengers in cities and towns. There are trams and light rail operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Canberra. Tourist and heritage trams operate in Auckland, Christchurch, Whanganui, Wellington, Nambour, Victor Harbor, Bendigo, and Perth. Tram drivers are responsible for the safety and comfort of their passengers. They communicate with them and work closely with network operators and guards to keep trains moving on time.

What is the work environment like?

You’ll start your shift at a tram depot or passenger station. Then you’ll spend much of your day in a cabin driving a tram. You may work with a guard or secondary driver, but usually you’ll drive alone and need to maintain concentration for long periods of time. On any journey you’ll be in frequent communication with network operators and signalling operators. You’ll become skilled in one or more types of trams. Many tram networks operate multiple models and variations, with new trams entering service each year. So, you’ll always have more to learn and master.

Eligibility & pathways

You may not need to have any previous experience or qualifications for this role. Most employers provide you with all the training you’ll need. You’ll complete a vocational training course and receive a certificate level qualification while you work. You’ll be trained in all aspects of safe and efficient train operations. As you learn, you may gain a formal qualification. You’ll also need a current, unrestricted driver’s licence.

Avenues of Entry
Pay Range
Entry level
$62,500 - $96,500
$76,500 - $120,000

Salaries may vary outside of these ranges, based on company size and location, level of experience, competence and time in role.