Introduction to Rail Signalling course

19 February 2023

The Australasian Railway Associations’s courses provide specialised professional development opportunities to help you build your career in rail.

ARA have worked closely with industry experts and managers to offer courses that will make a real difference to your work in the industry and support your career development goals.

The ARA’s Introduction to Rail Signalling Course is designed to provide an overview of signalling operations in the rail industry.

There will be two intakes for Introduction to Rail Signalling in 2023, commencing in May and October.

This course has been designed for a people with varying degrees of knowledge about rail operations. Whether you work in rail operations, are a graduate new to the industry wanting to build your skills, an engineering practitioner involved in signalling projects or considering a career change, this course will help provide you with a basic understanding of what you need to know.

To learn more visit ARA’s course page.