Online Course Rail Signalling | May 2024

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Saturday, 13 April 2024 at

Australasian Railway Association

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The ARA Rail Signalling Course is back online in 2024, with internationally recognised signalling engineer, Jane Copperthwaite again leading the course and providing learners with insights and knowledge about signalling across the mechanical, electrical, and digital ways of signalling in Australia and New Zealand.

There is a strong focus on the new ways digital signalling is transforming both work in the signalling area of rail, and customer experience. The impact of digitisation is most impactful in the area of signalling and the subsequent transformation is changing the way the wider ecosystem that is the rail industry has to operate.

The course is available to you when and where you want to complete the modules. Each week involves access to a self-directed, on-demand module as well as a webinar led by Jane. If you can’t attend the webinar, it is always recorded and available for you when it suits your diary.  

    Learning outcomes

    • How to adopt key signalling terminology and use it in your work environment
    • Rail signalling principles and the core elements of the signalling system
    • The critical role the signalling systems play in the context of a safe working system
    • The importance of systems integration in the context of lineside and digital signalling systems within a single network
    • The evolution of signalling including future trends and modern signalling systems
    • The complexities of assuring the safe operation of both lineside and digital signalling assets
    • The principles of digital signalling design
    • Learn about Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems (FRMCS) and its role in rail safety-related communications and enabling new signalling systems
    • How to read a signalling plan
    • Understanding maintenance aspects of the signalling system
    • Pathways to signalling

    Course date: Monday 13 May to Friday 14 June 2024