Stores workers assist freight operations. They receive, store and deliver goods to or from warehouses and freight depots.
Also known as: Dispatch assistant, Forklift driver, Distribution supervisor, Inventory controller, Stores operator, Warehouse manager, Depot manager, Stock control assistant, Depot controller, Warehouse foreman, Warehouse and distribution manager

Is this role right for you?

You’ll need to have strong attention to detail so you can work quickly and accurately to get freight and equipment where it needs to go. You’ll be a great team player who can communicate clearly and work without supervision, solving problems as you go. You’ll enjoy being physically active throughout the day, and can manage heavy or bulky objects with or without the help of a machine. You will always value safety first.

What is the work environment like?

If you start with no previous experience, you’ll learn on the job with instruction from experienced stores workers. Once trained, you’ll work as part of a team in warehouses and freight yards. These are busy and dynamic workplaces with many coordinated activities taking place. You’ll need to keep watch for trains, trucks, cranes and forklifts moving around. You may also spend long periods of time standing or walking. You’ll wear protective equipment and follow rigorous safety procedures.

Eligibility & pathways

Stores workers usually don’t need qualifications to get started. However, a Certificate II in Warehousing Operations or Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations will give you useful skills for the role. Experienced stores workers may consider senior positions. These are often advertised as a warehouse supervisor or warehouse manager. You may need a general construction induction card (White Card) to access some work locations. A heavy vehicle licence, forklift licence, elevated work platform ticket, and first aid training may also be beneficial. Your employer will usually provide rail specific safety and induction training. Our industry values diverse personal and work experience. Many employers can provide you with opportunities to gain new qualifications and industry experience to help you succeed.

Current job vacancies

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Customer Service Representative / Storeperson 

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Customer Service Representative / Storeperson 

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Senior Storeperson 

Adaptalift Group
Avenues of Entry
Pay Range
Entry level
$62,000 - $102,500
$79,000 - $139,000
Senior level
$115,000 - $201,500
Manager level
$156,500 - $210,000

Salaries may vary outside of these ranges, based on company size and location, level of experience, competence and time in role.