Maintenance Engineer

A maintenance engineer leads and manages scheduled maintenance on rail infrastructure and equipment. They keep our railways safe and efficient, and make sure our rail assets last longer.

Is this role right for you?

Do you love finding out how something works? Or do you think you could design it better? Engineers use careful analysis and creative thinking to solve complex problems. They harness creativity to explore bold new solutions.

Many engineers lead teams to design, build and maintain Australia’s railways. They’re excellent communicators because they need to explain their ideas and collaborate with other people on projects.

What are some example projects or experiences?

Maintenance engineers work on trams, trains, and every railway network in Australia. They could work for a small manufacturing company, maintaining specialist equipment. Or they could work for a major train manufacturer, maintaining a fleet of freight trains.

A maintenance engineer applies their technical knowledge and problem-solving skills to identify and resolve issues. They also manage an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep every aspect of our rail network operating safely and efficiently.

What is the work environment like?

You’ll work in a team of engineers and skilled tradespeople.

You might work in an office, planning maintenance schedules to make sure passenger networks run safely and on time. Or you could be in a workshop coordinating the maintenance on a 3000-horsepower battery-electric locomotive.

You can find work as a maintenance engineer all around Australia. Most jobs are in cities and towns. Some are in remote areas.

Eligibility & pathways

Maintenance engineers typically complete a university degree. They generally study areas such as electronics, power, telecommunications, and mechatronics.

Our industry values diverse personal and work experience. Many employers can provide you with opportunities to gain additional qualifications and industry experience to help you succeed.

Avenues of Entry
Pay Range
$78,500 - $148,500
Senior level
$141,000 - $191,500
Manager level
$176,000 - $216,000

Salaries may vary outside of these ranges, based on company size and location, level of experience, competence and time in role.