Handsignallers warn trains about upcoming worksites. They also warn track workers about oncoming trains. They help keep the rail corridor safe.
Also known as: Flagperson

Is this role right for you?

You must be able to stay focused and alert for long periods, as you’ll be responsible for the safety of your colleagues working near railway tracks. You’ll plan your activities carefully, value safety first, and know how to communicate clearly.

What is the work environment like?

You’ll be part of a team that builds and maintains infrastructure along the rail network. You’ll work within the rail corridor, alongside trains, or on construction sites to give adequate warning about approaching rail traffic. In most roles you’ll wear protective and safety equipment such as a hardhat, gloves, and hi-visibility clothing. Worksites are often exposed to weather so you may need to work in the heat, cold, wind and rain.

Eligibility & pathways

Handsignallers need training on the rail network they intend to work on. Rail operators sometimes provide this training through a registered training organisation. Training requirements vary across different rail networks. You’ll learn to:

  • perform the role of a lookout
  • use communication systems and track warning devices
  • understand movement orders, timetables, electric indicator boards and signalling devices

Handsignallers also need to complete track safety training and hold a general construction induction card (White Card).

Avenues of Entry
Pay Range
Entry level
$82,000 - $96,000

Salaries may vary outside of these ranges, based on company size and location, level of experience, competence and time in role.