Online Course Rail Operations | May 2024

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Monday, 6 May 2024 at

Australasian Railway Association

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Enrol now to the Australasian Railway Association’s Rail Operations course. It’s new a new course that takes learners through the many facets of operations in the context of passenger, freight, and heavy haul rail.

Delivered over five weeks there are ten modules that provide learners with engaging content and exposure to some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading experts in the field of rail operations.

Whether you are new to the rail industry or want to have access to the latest course offering in this space, the ARA Rail Operations Course will give you a comprehensive insight into the breadth and complexity of operations in the rail industry.

Learning opportunities:

  • Gain insight into the many interdependent functions that result in the delivery of safe and customer-focused rail services
  • Hear from industry experts about many of the challenges and complexities of operating passenger, freight and heavy haul services
  • Learn about key roles in the functional areas of train timetabling, rollingstock maintenance, safe working, communications and the impact of digitisation and de-carbonisation
  • Understand how safety legislation, principles and culture are central to the operation of railways
  • Explore the varying business models that are found across the rail industry, and
  • Experience insights about the people that play a part in rail operations.

Successful completion will result in you receiving a Certificate of Completion as well as a Credly Badge for your LinkedIn account.

Course date: Monday 6 May to Friday 7 June 2024