Assurance engineer

Assurance engineers keep construction and manufacturing projects running smoothly. They make sure projects are safe, comply with standards, and achieve their intended outcomes.
Also known as: Quality assurance engineer

Is this role right for you?

Do you love finding out how something works? Or do you think you could design it better? Engineers use careful analysis and creative thinking to solve complex problems. They harness creativity to explore bold new solutions. Many engineers lead teams to design, build and maintain Australia’s railways. They’re excellent communicators because they need to explain their ideas and collaborate with other people on projects.

What are some example projects or experiences?

Assurance engineers work on all types of projects in rail. This could include a project to build a new station or lay new track. It could be manufacturing parts that are used in the rail network or being involved in a project to maintain or fix critical infrastructure. Assurance engineers work closely with project planners and maintain oversight throughout the project lifecycle. They check that work is completed to a high standard and complies with regulations. An assurance engineer may also specialise in software and applications. They work within rail organisations to check the quality of new systems before they are rolled out to users.

What is the work environment like?

You’ll usually work in a team of engineers and skilled tradespeople. Often, you’ll be in the office supporting project teams. You might need to develop project standards, measure project performance, or conduct risk assessments. Sometimes you’ll visit construction and manufacturing sites to review completed work and work methods. You can find work as an assurance engineer all around Australia. Most jobs are in cities and towns. Some are in remote areas.

Eligibility & pathways

Assurance engineers typically complete a university degree. They may have specialised in several areas including systems engineering, mechatronics, electronics, software, and mechanical. Our industry values diverse personal and work experience. Many employers can provide you with opportunities to gain additional qualifications and industry experience to help you succeed.

Current job vacancies

Avenues of Entry
Pay Range
$66,000 - $150,000
Senior level
$130,500 - $205,500

Salaries may vary outside of these ranges, based on company size and location, level of experience, competence and time in role.